Отзывы клиентов – школа программирования Coddy в Тольятти

Dear Oksana, thank you for your initiative, my kids and I are great fans of CODDY! The competition is tough, though, there are at least three projects with similar focus.

Tatiana Kistanova

I want to personally thank everyone who takes part in this project , you do such a noble thing! It is very important, especially now, in these difficult times, for our growing generation to be ready for the great achievements   in the future! Wish you success and prosperity!

Aram Khachaturyan

Thank you for the amazing courses! Fedor passed 1 and 2 level of web-programming with great enthusiasm and now he wants to attend “Design thinking”. Despite being 100% ‘’owl’’, he woke up earlier than I could ever imagine (on Saturdays!) only to get to the class on time!

Darya Zorina

Thank you for the super project! Many thanks to our teacher Michael Sheptelut’. My kid is so excited about next level’s start!

Zarema Dashieva

Many thanks! My Daughter went to the ‘design-thinking” course. She learned so much created and developed her own game, uploaded it as a part of an application, and she did it all by herself! Special thanks to our teacher, Nastya. Also, a great organization of the whole process.

Aleksandra Andreeva

Many thanks to Irina Gerasimova, Oksana Selendeeva and the teachers for creating an atmosphere of productive creativity. Everything is perfectly organized. Lessons are held in modern classrooms and the great thing is that it is not a lecture, but an interactive process. As a result, children see the real product of what they learned and get some nice extra bonuses.

Anna Babenko

Big thanks! We loved it! Sasha cannot wait for the next class!

Elena Romanets

Great thanks to Oksana and Irina for the excellent organization and great content of the first "round" of the school. Also, we are very satisfied with the organizers’ attention to all students’ and their parents’ wishes.

Maksimilian and his parents

I did not expect that only 4 lessons can give so much to kids! They made a prototype of a game in a special app, my daughter is so excited! We’re waiting to start a programming course. I sincerely recommend CODDY, if you want your children to try programming.

Aleksandra Andreeva

Our child likes the classes very much! We’re attending “Web1” and we want to take extra-hours or even the second day. My son says that 3 hours is not enough!

Larisa Baran

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